Frequently Asked Questions

The built Dimensions are as follows

485mm high × 335mm deep × 675mm wide

Featuring a 6 bottle by 4 bottle layout storing 2 dozen bottles of wine.

The Cellar Smart 24 bottle wine racks can be easily modified in both the Height and Width.

Yes you can shorten the width of the 24 bottle wine rack by shortening the top and bottom bars by 110mm increments and removing a row of wine supports.

It is a very straight forward process to remove height and/or width from the 24 bottle units. Please see the documents below for this modification. 

The document to Modify the Width of a 24 bottle rack can be found at Width-Modify-Instructions-24-Bottle-Rack.pdf(

The racks can be modified by lengths other than 110mm, new holes will then need to be drilled for the vertical bottle supports. Spaces larger than 110mm can hold magnum bottle and spaces less than 110mm can hold Dessert wine bottles. 

The document to Modify the Height of a 24 bottle rack can be found at Height-Modify-Instructions-24-Bottle-Rack.pdf(

The other units can also be modified with some basic carpentry as rooms do not always fit the rack dimensions. 

The Assembly JIG will significantly speed up the process of assembly and makes alignment far easier, however the Assembly JIG is not required for the wine racking units. 

When you order the Assembly Jig Set both the 24 Bottle and 6 Bottle JIGS are supplied.

24 Bottle JIG Instructions 

6 Bottle Display JIG Instructions

As we are an online store we do not have a showroom. 

However you can arrange to see our Wine Racking at our Abbotsford, Vic, Warehouse by appointment. 

Please feel free to email at arrange a viewing time. 

The built Dimensions are as follows 

242.5mm high × 335mm deep × 675mm wide

Featuring capacity for 6 bottles angled to maintain the moisture of the wine cork and allowing for a clear view of the bottle label.

All of our timber racking is constructed from solid timber. 

Our timber racking is build from Douglas Fir trees and Red Cedar trees. The Black racking is painted Douglas Fir. 

Yes all of our timber is certified to have been sourced from sustainable harvesting and plantation.

This does depend on where you live but we will have your purchase to you into Australian Metro regions within a week of purchase.

How high is your roof? Don’t go past your ceiling and don’t use your racks to store your wines outside.

Yes you can collect your order from our warehouse in Abbotsford, Melbourne, Victoria. 

For the Billing details use your address and for the delivery address type the suburb as Abbotsford and the postcode as 3067 and choose the option “Warehouse pickup”

The Top Board is a Benchtop for wine cellar designs that finish at a height that you would like to place bottles on as a bench. 

If you would like to continue your racking to the ceiling but would like to have an open space to place glassware and bottles, use an Open Box and then continue the racking above.