The Most Important Wine Cellaring Questions

As wine racking and cellar experts we get asked a lot of questions about what are the most important aspects of cellaring wine from our wine storage customers.  There are many aspects and not all are specifically about the cellar. The following series will attempt to answer some of the most asked questions in wine storage:

Is there a best temperature to cellar wines?

The most asked wine storage questions is about temperature. The question may be simple but the answer is not. The best way to think of your wine is like a beautiful piece of fruit. The colder that you store it, the longer it takes to ripen and mature, the same is true of your wine. Keeping wine at 12-13 degrees Celsius is perfect for long term wine storage. At 12 degrees the wines are kept in an almost static state, yet allows for the liquid to still breathe and therefore develop in bottle at a slow rate of evolution. If you plan on drinking your wine sooner rather then later a higher temperature around 15-16 will facilitate a slow maturation and development of your wine. Different temperatures will suit different people and their schedule within which they wish to consume or store their wine. 


Wine Cellar and Temperature