Do you need to rack your wine?

There are a number of reasons to rack  your wine. 

The first is that it makes it so easy to find the bottle that you are looking for. 

Racking your wine will allow for easy organisation and safe storage.  You can then classify your wine into organisational groups such as Grape Variety, Age, Region or Recommended best time to drink them. 

Placing your wine on horizontal wine racks ensures that the sediment is distributed across the bottom and that the cork will not dry out. Laying your wine in a vibration free and stable temperature environment allows for the wine to mature and the flavours to develop. 

It looks great to have your wine collection in a dedicated cellar space rather that in the boxes that you purchased it in. Crafted wine racking will add to the look, feel and value of your home. 

The racking of wine has both functional and aesthetic value.

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