What’s the Most Important Thing To Consider When Cellaring Your Wine?


The Most Important Wine Cellaring Questions


As wine racking and cellar experts we get asked a lot of questions about what are the most important aspects of cellaring wine from our wine storage customers.  There are many aspects and not all are specifically about the cellar. The following series will attempt to answer some of the most asked questions in wine storage:

A stable temperature and space free of vibrations, rather than the actual temperature, this is the real answer, consistency of temperature. Fluctuations in temperature can impact a wine more than almost anything else. It’s also the most common issue with cellaring at home in wine fridges, which can be unreliable or vibrate the wine. Even worse is the change in temperature in the Australian garage which is too warm, then really spikes in a hot Australian summer then cold again in winter. Find somewhere stable for your wines. Or if you have the option then store them in an insulated and temperature controlled environment.

Temperature controlled wine Cellar