Is Light Damaging to Wine?

The Most Important Wine Cellaring Questions


As wine racking and cellar experts we get asked a lot of questions about what are the most important aspects of cellaring wine from our wine storage customers.  There are many aspects and not all are specifically about the cellar. The following series will attempt to answer some of the most asked questions in wine storage:


Not all light is damaging to wine, UV will destroy the chemical compounds that gives wine its unique aroma and flavour. The reason that many wine bottles utilise a tinted glass is to reduce the effects of UV light. To protect these volatile compounds a dark and UV free place is best. Fine wines are stored in corrugated boxes or wooden crates to protect them from direct light. Wines that have been left out on display for long periods of time prior to purchase are the worst affected, not only have they experienced changes in temperature, they will have been exposed with UV. LED lighting does not utilise the same light wave length and will not damage your wines. LED lights are a great option for your wine cellar to protect your wine and create an atmospheric environment to enjoy.


LED strip Lighting and Display Bottles