Wine Cellar

Where can you locate a wine Cellar?

A wine cellar can be accommodated in almost any space that you have available. This could be anything from a custom designed Walk-in Cellar room in a new home build, Underground or Under Floor Cellar Space, Basement or Under Stairs Cellar, Walk-in Cellar Closet or even Crawl Space Cellar Storage. Some of the things to consider when designing and building your Cellar space are the following. 

Will you have an Insulated Cellar or will it be the ambient temperature of the space?

Will the space that you have chosen be affected by natural light on the bottles or will it be an isolated and light controlled Cellar space?

How many bottles of wine do you plan on storing in the space?

Will the space be only used as a Cellar or will it also be a show piece Cellar for your house?

What material will you construct your wine rack from, Timber Wine Racks, Metal Wine Racks or Acrylic Racks?

What lighting would best suit the Cellar space, Spot lights, LED lights or distributed lighting?

Your Wine Cellar and Wine Storage Racking can be located where every suits you while you keep in mind how the position will affect the longevity of your wine. 

See the Cellar Smart range of Modular and DIY Wall Wine Racking to suit every Cellar and every space.