Stack and Stock your Wine your Way

Magnum and Display Rack Cellar

Building a wine cellar using modular wine racking components from Cellar Smart Australia. The modules are standard sizes and so can be stacked and placed in any combination that suits your room and your wine storage.

Cellar Smart modules come in a variety of configurations. This will allow you to design your custom wine cellar room in any combination that suits your wine collection. The DIY range includes Horizontal Racking, Display Racking and Magnum Racking. These components can be combined in any combination to create wine walls that show off your wine collection and store your wine in an ordered system. 

The modular units are easy to assemble and fit together. The Display Wine Rack comes ready assembled and the Horizontal wine rack takes no more that a screwdriver and a few minutes to assemble. The Horizontal and Magnum modules come with brackets for securing the units to the wall. These modules can be used for both residential and commercial applications in offices, bars and home cellars.