Wine Saver Vacuum Sealer


Wine Preserver Vacuum Air Pump With 4 Wine Bottle Stoppers.

The Wine Saver pump can help to create an airtight vacuum that preserves wine, professional stopper to keep wine fresh. Once the bottle has been opened, prevents the oxidation process that is responsible for the deterioration of wine, can keep wine fresh and tasty even for 14 days.

Easy to Use:
1: Put the black bottle stopper into the wine bottle mouth.
2: Put the wine saver pump to connect the stopper’s top.
3: Pump the air out until you fell strong air resistance
4. Finished and building a vacuum condition to keep your wine fresh.

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Wine Preserver Vacuum Air Pump With 4 Wine Bottle Stoppers

Keep your wine fresh for days after opening your favourite bottle. This Preserver Vacuum Air Pump will remove the air from the bottle preserving your wine to enjoy another day.

This high quality vacuum pump protects the wine from bacterial and the oxidation process which will otherwise taint the wine. This can preserve the wines natural fresh flavour, smell and taste up to 14-15 days after first opening.
This Wine Saver Vacuum Pump is made from a combination of stainless steel and plastic to give it durability and comfort.
Wine saver vacuum pump is conveniently small in size, this allows it to be used for travelling, as a practical tool for preserving wine and as a gift.

The Wine Preserver can be used at events, wine tastings, festivals, wine bars, restaurants and in your home. It has both domestic and commercial applications.

Wine Air Pump is hand operated. The First step is to cap an opened bottle with one of the stoppers; Second, place the pump over the stopper ensuring that the pump is firmly down against the stopper; Third, pump the air until you feel the resistance, the is usually about 10-20 depending on how much wine is in the bottle, then it’s sealed!
Simple to use with washable stoppers that can be inserted easily and reused many times over.

Please note that this product is not suitable for sparkling wine such as champagne.

Size: 150*85 mm / 5.90*3.35 in;
Weight: 88 g / 3.10 oz.
colour: Silver + black
Material: Stainless steel + rubber
Package Contents:
1 * Wine Saver Pump
4 * Re-usable Bottle Stoppers)

Weight.1 kg
Dimensions15 × 9 × 5 cm

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