Premium Racking Bottom Box


The Premium Racking Bottom Box will add style and functionality to your wine cellar.

Product Dimensions 675mm x 315mm x 100mm

The Premium Racking Bottom Box will lift your racking off the floor.

It will also add to the aesthetic of your wine cellar, reduce the chance of people kicking your wine on the bottom shelf, allow your wine cellar floor to be cleaned without disturbing your wine collection.

Elevate your wine collection above any dirt, dust or water on your wine cellar floor with the Wooden Wine Bottom Box. The Premium Racking Bottom Box will ensure that your wine cellar collection is stable and secure.

Our timber and steel wall wine racking will elevate you wine collection. Whether you store your wine in a dedicated wine cellar or as a part of your kitchen cabinetry, the Cellar Smart modular wine racking collection will allow you to organise and store your wine with confidence and beautifully arranged.

Use the Design Room – Cellar Smart to create your own designed wine cellar room. Using the modules from Cellar Smarts collection to create the wine cellar of your imagination.

Combine Timber and Steel wine racking in your wine storage cellar.

Condition you wine cellar with a wine cellar conditioning system from Friax Australia.

Product Dimensions 675mm x 315mm x 100mm

This product is available in Douglas Fir, Western Red Cedar and Black timber.  Any combination of  timber materials can by used in your wine cellar. All of our products are manufactured using Solid Timbers and are sourced from sustainable plantation timber.

Premium Racking Bottom Box Assembly Document

Weight1 kg
Dimensions70 × 10 × 5 cm
Timber Type

Black, Cedar, Douglas Fir