Wine Cellar Designer

Design Your Own Cellar

You can now Design your own wine cellar wall with Cellar Smart.

Using your Computer, Not currently available for mobile phone.

Customise your wine cellar with Cellar Smart wine racks. Our wine racking  systems allow the you to create your own cellar. Our cellar wine racks made from solid timber, powder coated steel and wood wine rack. You can create a Wall Wine of Racks or an under-stair wine cellar. 


Simply input the height and length of your cellar wall.  Then select the components that you would like to use in the design of your own wine cellar.  Build your wine cellar to any size and use display racks, open boxes, diamond boxes or horizontal timber wall wine racking to make your own space. 

Using the Cellar Smart Wine Cellar Designer you can select the modular DIY timber wine cellar component and add them to a wine wall. Purchase the products and build your own cellar. 

Design Wine Cellar