5 Benefits of a Modular Wine Racking System


Are you a wine collector who has put in time and effort to curate an extensive collection of different wines with complexities and flavours from around Australia and the vineyards around the world? Perhaps you just enjoy relaxing with a glass of red after a long day at work. In both cases, you need a well-designed and built wine storage space to store your bottles. 

Wine bottles need to be stored under conditions to ensure that your wine ages evenly, is always accessible and beautifully presented. Investing in a modular wine racking system helps you create an ideal storage space for your bottles. It keeps your wine collection organized while also blending in with your home’s aesthetics for the perfect Wine Cellar.

Let’s explore some more benefits of a modular wine racking system.


1. Perfect for Starting your Cellar 


Modular wine racks are the perfect choice for people who are starting their wine collection as well as those with a collection that needs to be stored appropriately. They are cost-effective, so you won’t need to worry about a hefty investment in the beginning. They also flexible in size and can take up available space, making them ideal for people looking for a system that can expand to accommodate their collection, for those with a specific space requirement or lacking a lot of storage space for their wine collection.


2. Minimal Construction Required


Wine racks are the most practical solutions for your storage needs. They require minimal construction and are exceptionally easy to use. Modular wine racking systems from Cellar Smart can easily be DIY-ed. You just need to select a  an appropriate space and set up the racking system within it.

Additionally, modular wine racks eliminate the troubles of keeping bottles from different vineyards and grape varieties separate and distinguishable. You can easily label the racks and pick out the bottles you wish to use without having to guess your way through them. 


3. Add As Your Collection Grows


The best feature of a modular wine racking system is the fact that you can expand the storage space as needed. Wine collections can easily start off with a layer or two of storage and add on more layers as the collection grows. This offers a cost-effective means of starting a collection without investing in a huge wine storage unit that may stay unfilled.


4. Combine Timber and Steel Wine Racking


Combining Timber and Steel wine racking offers the benefits of capacity, versatility and visual variety. Installing Metal Racking above bench height timber racking offers a striking visual display and significant wine storage capacity. 

Store your wine to maximise capacity and visual appearance by combining Wooden Wine Racking modules and Steel wine storage.


5. Beautiful and Highly Functional


Have you ever flipped through the pages of a home décor magazine and marvelled at living rooms with stunning wine displays? A modular wine racking system is a great, cost-effective means of bringing that display into your home. Wine racks instantly raise the aesthetics of any room, giving it a luxurious and chic look that will leave your guests stunned at its intricate beauty. 


Modular Wine Racking Systems from Cellar Smart Australia are available in Red Cedar timber, Black Timber and Douglas Fir Timber. We also supply Metal and Steel Wine Racking to compliment your Timber Wine Wall for your wine stash. Design and Build your own wine cellar with our Cellar Room Designer.