Wine Racks and Wine Storage Ideas

Although Red Cedar, Oak and Douglas Fir are beautiful materials to store wine in racks there are many other ways to store wine. The traditional cellars were often constructed from clay and the internal clay materials were removed and baked into hexagon shapes to create pigeon holes for wine storage. For the budget conscious wine collector strong commercial shelving can be utilised to allow for the safe and accessible storage of wine, although this is rudimentary it can be an effective short term solution for wine storage. Timber wine cases also provide a suitable temporary wine storage solution for your wine cellar. Custom designed wine racking will always provide a cellar to envy. Modular wine racking systems are affordable and easy to install. Cellar Smart wine racking comes flat packed, partially assembled and some components fully assembled.

The modular components can be arranged in almost any configuration. Including sections for Magnum wines, Display bottles, Diamond racks and to maximise your storage we recommend Original Horizontal wine racking.