Which Wines age well?

Not all wines are produced with the intention of cellaring. Though good wine should be cellared in appropriate conditions. Wines with a low pH, such as pinot noir and Sangiovese, have a greater capability of aging as the acids balance with the tannins over time. Red wines that have  a high level of flavour compounds and strong phenolics, notably tannins, will increase the potential of a wine to age well. Wines with high levels of phenols include Cabernet Sauvignon, Nebbiolo and Syrah. The white wines with the longest aging potential are those with a high amount of extract and acidity which acts as a preservative as do the tannins in red wines. The process of making white wines, which includes little to no skin contact, means that white wines have a significantly lower amount of phenolic compounds, though barrel fermentation and oak aging can impart some phenols. The combination of these compounds contribute to the ph levels of wines and their aging potential. 

Investigate your wine prior to purchase for cellaring. Many modern wines are not designed for long term storage. Check the label of your favourite wine to determine if it is designed to be cellared. Then built yourself a cellar and enjoy your wines for years to come. 

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