What is the Best Way to Store Wine?

There are a number of factors to be considered when storing wine. A constant stable temperature in a Climate controlled Wine Cellar is the idea environment for wine storage. There should not be any direct sunlight or UV light directly onto the wine bottles and this will adversely affect the wine. The bottles should be stored on their sides to prevent the drying out of the cork and the cellar space where they are stored should be kept at humidity around 70%. As important as the storing of your wine in appropriate conditions the wine should be adjusted to temperature before serving.

The Cellar or storage space should be free of vibrations, temperature fluctuations and sunlight. All of these factors should be considered when determining the best place to store your wines. If a fully insulated and temperature controlled cellar is not available to you then consider where your wines can be stored that will protect from these elements as much as possible.

Most importantly, the best way to store wine is so that you can enjoy it. Whether that be in a living room wine wall, under stair wine cellar or an underground cellar fitted out by Cellar Smart modular wine racking.