Red Wine Storage Temperature

When storing your wine there are a number of factors to consider. Is the wine being stored to drink in the near future or to store for the purpose of collecting? The optimum rage of red wine storage is between 14 degrees and 16 degrees celsius. As the temperature of wine storage increases so does the rate of maturation of the wine and the chemical reactions that cause the change in stored wine. So if you plan on drinking your wine within 5 years then a slightly higher temperature is appropriate while if you plan on keeping your wine well into the future then a lower temperature will suit your storage conditions. 

Almost as important as the temperature range is that the temperature is stable. Wines that are stored in cellars that fluctuate between temperature ranges will be affected by unpredictable maturation. The chemical reactions that occur inside a wine bottle while they mature will be accelerated and retarded as the temperature rises and falls. This will lead to unpredictable results in the resultant wine. For the best outcome ensure that your cellar has a stable temperature.


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