Wooden Wine Bottle Rack


Convert any space into a wine cellar storage room. The modules to can be added together in almost any shape configuration to suit your wine cellar space.

The overall built wine rack size:  35.5cm x 35.5cm x 26cm deep

Customizable according to any space size.

9 bottle Wooden Wine Bottle Rack. Dowel jointed for strength, style and ease of assembly. Start your wine cellar collection now.

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Product Details

The Cellar Smart wooden modular wine bottle rack can convert any space into a wine cellar room. The modular design allows for the racking to be installed under stairs or in cupboard spaces. There is almost not limit to where the DIY wine racking can be located, the assembly is simple and the finish looks professional. The modules to can be added together in almost any shape configuration to suit your wine cellar space.

 1.This wine rack has 3 layers holding 3 bottles each, holding total of 9 wine bottles.

2. The rack can be constructed as a square or as a vertical design with 1 or 2 rows.

3. It is a wine rack that maximises space efficiency and storage.

4. Store your favourite wines on this wine and rack save space.

5. Ideal for wine storage under stair cases, in your kitchen wine cellar and other spaces.

Easy Assembly

The assembly of this wooden wine bottle rack is very simple. Simply insert the pegs into the main pieces of timber in rows of 3, for a 3×3 rack and then peg the 3 rows together. You can add more units together for the construction a wall of wine racks and store your whole wine cellar bottle collection. The timber is soft to the touch and so will not damage wine bottle labels while being strong enough to support your wine collection. Modular wine racking system allows you to organise your wine cellar collection in a cost effective and attractive manned.

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