Diamond Wine Rack


This crafted Diamond Wine Rack with Curved edges will hold many bottles of wine. Storing approximately 40 Bordeaux bottles or 36 Burgundy bottles

The unit is stackable and Integrates with the Original Horizontal Wine Racking and Display Racking.

Design your own Cellar with our Wine Cellar Design Room. Computer only.

This Diamond Wine rack is beautifully designed to store your loose bottles, unusual shaped bottles, Magnums and Champagne wines.

Featuring curved ended timbers there are no nails or screws showing on the display of this wine racking.

This Wooden Wine racking is designed in Australia and stored in our local warehouse ready for processing and shipment. Order now for prompt delivery.

The Diamond Wine Rack comes with simple DIY instructions and  is compatible with the range of Cellar Smart modular wine racks. Start your wine cellar with any number of modular units and build a full wine cellar as you require. The modular wine racking units can be stacked onto each other to form any configuration of cellar wall design. Cellar designs can incorporate bottom boxes, to keep your wine off the floor, and display units to highlight and organise your wine collection.  We also supply bundles of wine cellar racking at discounted prices to build full cellars from floor to ceiling.

The wooden wine rack will not scratch your wine bottle labels like metal wine racks can. There are no nails or screws protruding into the racking to catch or tear your wine bottle labels.

Comes with safety wall brackets secure your racking to the wall. We recommend customers use the supplied fixing devices to secure this Wine racking. We recommend that all wooden wine racking is secured to each other modular unit and that the units are secured to the wall behind.

Storing approximately 40 Bordeaux bottles or 36 Burgundy bottles

Bordeaux bottle
This is probably the most common bottle you will come across. The body of a Bordeaux bottle has a cylindrical shape, with straight sides and high shoulders (the link between the body of a bottle and a bottleneck). The most popular style of wine in Bordeaux are Cabernet Sauvignon/ Merlot blends, but you will find most wines sold in this type of bottle.

Burgundy bottle
The Burgundy bottle is most often used for Chardonnay and quite often Sauvignon Blanc and Pinot Noir. It has a longer neck than the Bordeaux bottle and distinctive sloping shoulders, making it resemble a cone.

The diamond Wine Rack modular units requires simple assembly.

A hand screwdriver is all that is required to assemble this product.

Dimensions 485mm high × 335mm deep × 675mm wide


Yes we do also have a design and install service Follow the Link to find out more.

Design your own Cellar with our Wine Cellar Design Room. Computer only.

Weight9 kg
Dimensions82 × 36 × 11 cm
Timber Type

Black, Cedar, Douglas Fir

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