Modular wine racking with Cabinetry

Modular Wine Racking: With or Without Cabinetry

The world of wine collection and display has evolved significantly, with homeowners and wine enthusiasts seeking innovative and customizable solutions. Modular wine racking systems have gained popularity for their versatility and functionality. In this article, we will explore the advantages of building cabinetry around modular wine racking and also discuss the benefits of standalone modular

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Sydney Red Cedar Cellar

Red Cedar Wine Racking

Cedar wine racking has several benefits for storing and aging wine, including: Natural Aromatics: Cedarwood has a pleasant, distinct aroma that can enhance the wine’s flavour and aroma. The natural oils in cedarwood can add subtle notes of vanilla, spice, and wood to the wine, which can add to the overall complexity and depth of

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Butlers Wine Cellar

Build your own wine custom wine cellar. Using modular DIY wine racking you can create your own wine cellar room. Featuring Douglas Fir solid wood timber and a combination of Diamond racking, Display wine Racking, Horizontal Wine Racking and a hardwood timber bench to feature your wine collection.  Design your own cellar at Design Room

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Black Wine Racking

The Bay Hotel, Mornington

The Bay Hotel is a place to discover the untold stories of Mornington’s rich heritage, relaxed beach-side main street, pub culture, extensive wine collection and Cellar Room.  The Wine Cellar holds a vast collection of wines ranging from the ‘quick drink with a friend’ right though to the ‘special night out’ bottle of wine. The

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